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Product Overview: If you are a lover of Russian rifles, then this is right up your alley. The LCT AS VAL is a replica of a 9mm subsonic rifle with an integrated suppressor built-into it. This is the gun that is used by parts of the Soviet military as well as the KGB. 
Unique Features: This bad boy has a massive mock supressor to give this gun one of the most unique looks in the AK family. 
Product construction: The standard stamped steel that we all know and love from LCT.
Suggested uses and applications: Sinece it has a slightly longer body, it is probably best suited for playing outdoors but they are also have a side folding stock so it might also be a descent option for some indoor play as well. 
Muzzle Velocity: This beauty comes shooting at around 400 fps out of the box which is pretty common for LCT. 
Rate of Fire: The rate of fire will always vary depending on the battery voltage that you use but this one shot at around 10-12 rounds per second with a 9.6 volt battery.
Safety Precautions: There aren't any real safety concerns that we know of but be careful with the barrel when the mock suppressor is not installed so you don't damage the barrel. 

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